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Shippers Interest Insurance

Logistics Services / Less Than Truckload / Shippers Interest Insurance

What sets our shippers interest insurance apart

For less than truckload (LTL) customers, our shippers interest freight insurance provides an added level of protection. We offer this service through Old Republic Insurance Company, which is rated A+ by AM Best. All transactions and claims are managed by Roanoke Insurance Group. This coverage protects against the financial impact of lost or damaged cargo in transit.

The coverage provided by all risk shippers interest cargo insurance is broader than the liability imposed on a motor carrier and comes with many added benefits:

  • Insulate from risk of lost or damaged cargo
  • Protect against the Act of God common law exception
  • Get reimbursed for the value of product plus freight costs, when properly declared
  • Resolve claims quickly and conveniently

All of this through a company with people you can rely on, who understand your business needs and solve every problem no matter where or when it occurs.

Information for shippers interest insurance

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